Are HAIM ok? – Today’s top 5 tracks

Lucifer’s Eyes – T.O.L.D.

Steel drums and indie have never sounded so good together. T.O.L.D. is the project of Daniel James Smith from Birmingham, UK, who released his debut album in 2016 but is still fairly unknown. He has a small following in the U.S. after Daniel moved to Los Angeles in 2014 but not much outside of the states. Lucifer’s Eyes is an excellent song to announce himself but it’s worth listening to his debut album to hear what T.O.L.D. offers when presented the chance to showcase an albums worth of tracks.

Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

Petit Biscuit, a producer from France, has been producing mellow dance tracks for what seems like the absolute fun of it. Sunset Lover gained some significant attention when it was released in 2016 as part of a 5 song E.P. which he released aged just 16. There’s some real potential in this one so look out for him in the future.

Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure – Arctic Monkeys

There’s nothing quite like classic Arctic Monkeys. Songs like this are what the British public went crazy for and since then they have grown, adapted new styles and topped charts all over the world. But we still remember the raw old Arctic Monkeys when they were going through music-puberty and it’s definitely worth listening back and remembering how fresh their debut album sounded at the time.

Right Now – HAIM

HAIM have released a new single and… we’re not quite sure what to make of it. HAIM are an outstanding band by all accounts and their debut album Days Are Gone showed that they were the real deal, combined with incredible live performances and bucket loads of charisma it was impossible to not fall in love with them. This is the second single they have released this year after Want You Back which was better, but this one sounds just a little off or just not quite ready. Have a listen for yourself, it could be a grower and we all patiently await their second album in July with high hopes.

Splash – Subfocus ft. Coco

Subfocus was huge around 7 years ago and hasn’t released anything new since 2013 but this song featuring Coco is one of the best from his glory days. Any guesses who Coco is? That’s right, it’s the daughter of Sting who has her own successful music career and very well might feature in one of these lists soon. This song sounds exactly like the name Splash making good use of the cymbals throughout the drum n bass back track. It’s a real party song though, one to listen to before a big night out.


Waxahatchee release new single ‘Never Been Wrong’

‘Never Been Wrong’ is lyrically superb and reflective Waxahatchee are an Alabama-based indie band fronted by Katie Crutchfield who created the project in 2010 and put together the rest of the band to help her ...
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Primavera Sound 2017

Top 5 songs from Primavera Sound 2017

Every June, half of East London descends onto Barcelona and gravitates towards an expanse of concrete on the northern outskirts of the city. There they remain for the next three days, sampling some of the ...
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Courts band

Hip-hop funk-indie band Courts release awesome new track

Courts are a unique, exciting and fresh Indie-funk rap band, Courts have released a wonderfully unique and vibrant new single, True Say. They’re being described as “funk-grime”, indie and hip hop all in one breath ...
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Melt Band

Exquisite chilled Soul R&B from brand new band, Melt

Melt storm on to the scene with superb new single New York based soul band, Melt, have released a gem of a debut single with their song, Sour Candy. The band appear to have come ...
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The Hunna

The Hunna release video for their new single Never Enough

Never Enough is raw passionate rock at its finest Hertfordshire based band The Hunna released their debut album, 100, last August which debuted at number 3 in the UK indie chart. Inspired by bands such ...
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Mike Skinner

What is Mike Skinner up to? The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

Mike Skinner releases songs under new name After a hugely successful career as The Streets, becoming one of the UK’s most influential and original hip hop stars, Mike Skinner has taken a few different turns ...
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Hatchie releases debut single and it is superb

Hatchie has only one song in her entire back catalogue and it is making waves Harriette Pibeam AKA Hatchie is a singer from Brisbane, Australia who has a total of one track in her entire ...
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New Kygo featuring Ellie Goulding plus a new track from Kele of Bloc Party

First Time – Kygo & Ellie Goulding The tropical house extraordinaire is back and this time he’s collaborated with Ellie Goulding who is no stranger to synthy collaborations, having previously sung with the likes of ...
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Alt J

BREAKING: Alt J release new album Relaxer | Listen here.

Relaxer is as unique as it is spontaneous Alt J have released their long awaited third album, Relaxer, which is now available to stream on Spotify.  The album includes a cover of House of The Rising Sun as well ...
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Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic release awesome new 360 music video

Don’t Give Me Up – Gothic Tropic Cecilla Dela Peruti (AKA Gothic Tropic) has released this awesome 360 music video to accompany her new single, Don’t Give Me Up. The song is taken from her new ...
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