Best theory test apps to help you pass your driving test

Taking your theory test can be daunting and there are lots of useful theory test apps out there for you to use but which are the best ones? And which app will most likely help you pass your theory test? Gone are the days of reading through theory test books – mobile and tablet apps make it much more accessible for prospective drivers to test their knowledge and learn the rules of the road. Here are some off the best theory test apps to help you pass your test.

1. The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers

The DVSA have actually released their own official theory test app which includes the hazard perception test. You can track your progress, practice questions, take mock tests and use the inbuilt extras to read through The Highway Code. Going with the official source is often the safest bet as you can be sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. The app costs £4.99 but has excellent reviews. Surely a small price to pay for passing your theory test first time!

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2. Theory Test for Car Drivers – Driving Test Success

One of the most highly related theory test apps, Driving Test Success, is a hugely useful theory test app that contains up-to-date content, chocked full of test questions, answers and helpful explanations to improve your knowledge of road safety. Driving Test Success even has a braking distance simulator to help you visualise how different speeds and road conditions will affect your braking distance.

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3. Theory Test for Car Drivers – Free Edition

This free theory test app comes with all the usual mock questions and practice tests, except you’ll pay nothing for using it! It’s not as highly rated as some of the paid apps and you are likely to see adverts to account for it’s price but you can certainly gleam some useful information from this app. The practice questions are categorised and you can access The Highway Code through the app so there are lots of great features to take advantage of.

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4. Car Theory Test Kit – complete bundle

On the luxury end of the driving theory test apps, the Car Theory Test Kit offers a beautiful user interface with categorised topics to help you study areas where you feel you need improvement. The test results feature is also enhanced, offering detailed information about how long you took to answer and where you tripped up. It’s interactive too! You can shake your phone to skip a question if you feel like it and there are some pretty funky sound effects to liven the whole thing up.

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