Check out some brand new Dan Croll plus some “Afrobeat-Ska-Latino-Funk”!

Away From Today – Dan Croll

Dan Croll’s music has been labeled as “Folktronica” whatever that means. The multi-instrumentalist hasn’t released an album since 2014 but is due to release his anticipated second album, Emerging Adulthood, this summer 2017 with this song due to feature. Croll received much well-deserved attention after his debut single, From Nowhere, was released in 2012, displaying his talents as a one-man-band-come-producer. His brass instrument sections and the rhythmic guitar in this song give away the tone for his new album which is eagerly awaited.

King Of The Jungle – Town Of Cats

Town Of Cats “serve up Afrobeat, Ska, with lashings of Latino and a side of Funk” according to their Facebook page. The Brighton-based brass-funk 9 piece put on energetic, fun filled live shows that keep their crowds on their toes at all times. King Of The Jungle is from their debut album Dance off the Dead Beat and as yet they’re still relatively unknown outside of Brighton. See them live if you can, they are what true live music is all about.

Waste A Moment – Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon released a new album last year, WALLS, and regardless of what some might say, they still haven’t lost it. Whether or not you believe they sold out after songs like Sex Is On Fire, it’s difficult to say they don’t produce consistently good music. Of course, they will never reach the dizzying heights of their first two albums but as long as they still sound fresh and alive then what does it really matter. This song is taken from their new album, have a listen and see what you think.

Divinity – Porter Robinson & Amy Millan

Porter Robinson is a dance DJ from North Carolina, USA who remixes songs by artists as big as Lady Gaga and Avicii. This song is from his debut album, Worlds, which is full of collaborations. This song features Amy Millan, the lead singer of indie band, Stars, who adds stunning vocals to this track.

Wildfire – Blink 182

Blink 182 have returned with a new album and a new world tour but minus their frontman, Tom Delonge. How did they think they could get away with this? Their new album has a classic Blink 182 feel but just with that crucial part missing and it’s difficult to not notice it and, frankly, miss it. Travis Barker continues to contribute outstanding drum fills throughout the record and you can’t fault Mark Hoppus for his contribution which is always going to be top quality but maybe we just need some time to reflect on this change. Also, the opening guitar riff, they’ve definitely used that before in another song!

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