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Hip-hop funk-indie band Courts release awesome new track

Courts are a unique, exciting and fresh

Indie-funk rap band, Courts have released a wonderfully unique and vibrant new single, True Say. They’re being described as “funk-grime”, indie and hip hop all in one breath – it’s difficult to pin them down to a genre but that’s what make this band incredibly exciting.

It’s hard to draw comparisons to other artists, Professor Green springs to mind on some tracksĀ but then that comparison fades when listening to some of their other releases. The Essex-based five-piece have just released their new single, True Say, a feel-good summer single that shows off what Courts are all about. Listen here:

True Say – Courts

CourtsĀ manage to combine expert electric guitar with fast-flowing hip-hop style vocals to develop their quirky, unique sound. Clearly inspired by a range of different genres, the band manage to take some of the most interesting sounds and apply them expertly.

The band were recently endorsed by Elton John who played their music on his radio show, taking the band by complete surprise as they had no reason to expect it would happen. They have been around for a few years, playing small stages at festivals and making a name for themselves but only recently have they started to receive the attention their music deserves.

Courts have 7 singles on their Spotify page that you can check out before they release their new EP next week. They also have a few shows coming up over the next couple of months so be sure to check if they’re playing at a venue near you.


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