Melt Band

Exquisite chilled Soul R&B from brand new band, Melt

Melt storm on to the scene with superb new single

New York based soul band, Melt, have released a gem of a debut single with their song, Sour Candy. The band appear to have come out of nowhere, with very little internet presence or coverage by media, Melt are some very fresh listening. Their debut single Sour Candy was only recently released on Spotify and remains the bands’ only available single. Check it out:

Sour Candy – Melt

The down-tempo bluesy vibes from Melt are wonderfully mellow and uplifting. Considering they’re a brand new band, they are incredibly well-versed and their debut song well-crafted. Relaxing drum beats, stunning brass, flowing electric guitar and exquisite vocals from Melt all combine to make this stunning piece of music.

The band got their first taste of public attention after one of their songs was posted on Reddit and received great acclaim. We can only imagine they’re gearing up to release more music and potentially a debut album, there will be a lot of people patiently waiting to hear more from Melt.


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