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What is Mike Skinner up to? The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

Mike Skinner releases songs under new name

After a hugely successful career as The Streets, becoming one of the UK’s most influential and original hip hop stars, Mike Skinner has taken a few different turns. He launched his own record label, The Beats Recording, and began performing DJ sets on tour around the country.

As of April 2017 however, Mike Skinner has been releasing brand new music under the pseudonym The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light, which is just Mike on his own. Skinner’s genius all lies in his lyrics and under-rated skill of timing to melodic, repetitive beats and his new music is no different.

Bad Decisions in the Night – The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

Mike recently released this track in April 2017 but, whilst it retains many of the same vibes as classic The Streets, it doesn’t really hit a chord the same way much of his previous tracks did.

Furthermore, amongst the 8 tracks Skinner has released under his new incarnation is the song Let God’s Promise Shine on Your Problems with an image of a church on the cover of this track. It’s certainly a different theme from previous lyrics about things like ecstasy and raving. Of course, Skinner is now a father and has given up drugs but has he become a born again Christian?

Let God’s promise Shine On Your Problems – The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

Skinner’s voice in this track sounds like a 13 year old who has uploaded a song he wrote to YouTube. Listening to the other songs released this year by Mike Skinner, none of them sound like the ground-breaking lyricist he once was. He sounds tired, bored and uninspired. It’s hard to see The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light receiving the same level of acclaim that The Streets did. The name doesn’t even work as an acronym (TDSBL). So on that note, let’s finish with some classic Streets.

Turn The Page – The Streets

UPDATE: Following on from Mike Skinner’s escapades as The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light, he has announced a new tour as The Streets, collaborating both his old and new work. The tour of the UK will happen in April 2018.

One thought on “What is Mike Skinner up to? The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

  1. It seems reflective, not so bored. The last The Streets album seems bored.
    It seems grown, and honestly I feel more power in this tracks than in the last The Streets album. Maybe not “power” but in a sort of “serenity” way, even there are the darkest lyrics and music parts.
    Repetitive beats?under-rated skill of timing to melodic? Perfect, It is what I want. Something is nearest to me than bigger music stars, something I could listen form a real friend close to me, so, much more real.
    Welcome again Mike Skinner, I waited you so long.

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